Mar 01 2011

NorduGrid 2011, May 9-12, Sundvolden, Norway

The annual NorduGrid conference will be held 9-12 May, 2011, outside Oslo in Sundvolden Hotel.

Conference page:

The NorduGrid collaboration is behind the development of the Advanced Resource Connector - the ARC middleware. ARC has been in production for nearly a decade. Currently it also provides services and components to EMI (European Middleware Initiative). This year the conference marks the 10th anniversary of NorduGrid and it will highlight following areas:

  • Challenges 10 years ago and today
  • NorduGrid/ARC within EGI: middleware development, operations and use communities
  • ARC in the Clouds: a virtual reality
  • Portals and high level tools on top of ARC

Contributions addressing one of the above areas are welcome. The conference will be held on Monday and Tuesday (9-10 May). The Technical Meeting is scheduled on Wednesday and Thursday (11-12 May). In parallel, on Wednesday there will be held a full day ARC user school.

The registration is open until 31 March 2011.

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