NorGrid – Norwegian GRID Initiative

The aim of the NorGrid project is to establish and maintain a national grid infrastructure in Norway. The project will provide grid-based services that enhance the utilization of the resources in the national infrastructure for computational science and facilitates transparent sharing of data between user groups.

The mission and organization of the initiative.

The project is funded in part by the Research Council of Norway through the eVITA programme on e-Science.


May 23 2011

New issue of META: 2/2011

A new issue of the META magazine (2/2011) is available. The new issue has focus on several emerging green data centre initiatives in Norway. It also includes a contribution that combines science and art as well as an update of the latest achievements with the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. More...

Mar 21 2011

New issue of META: 1/2011

A new issue of the META magazine (1/2011) has been distributed. The new issue contains five contributions from a variety of scientific fields that make use of the national infrastructures for high-performance computing (Notur II) and scientific data (NorStore), and illustrate advances in research using computational science, plus associated societal and/or economic impact. More...

Mar 01 2011

NorduGrid 2011, May 9-12, Sundvolden, Norway

The annual NorduGrid conference will be held 9-12 May, 2011, outside Oslo in Sundvolden Hotel. More...

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